As with most robust applications, learning PatternStream is a task that must be accomplished to derive its maximum benefit. Users should have a general knowledge of SQL and databases and a good knowledge of Adobe FrameMaker as prerequisites.

Documentation is provided with PatternStream which assists users in learning the application. This includes a detailed user manual and guides for setting up PatternStream and database publishing projects.

Since our formation in 1991, FML has provided training to a numerous customers nation-wide including FML PatternStream and Adobe Acrobat and FrameMaker. To supplement the PatternStream learning process, FML provides PatternStream and FrameMaker training services to its customers. Because of FML’s long FrameMaker training record and usage, Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) training personnel, and development of PatternStream, customers receive a complete, integrated training experience.

PatternStream Training

FML developed and enhances PatternStream for world-wide customers and has been training personnel since it was released to initial customers in 1997. FML offers a three day PatternStream training course. This training covers all the fundamental aspects of database publishing using PatternStream:

• PatternStream functionality
• How to build basic projects
• Setting up queries
• Binding variables
• String templates — how to create and use them
• Targets — how to create and use them
• Building and publishing table structures
• How PatternStream works with FrameMaker

PatternStream training teaches customers how to create and modify pset files and FrameMaker templates. The instruction concentrates on project goals: “Tutorials” take customers through the set-up phase of a project, providing whatever help and instruction is needed. Training can include instruction in database design as well as work with pset files and FrameMaker layouts. Customer personnel should have an understanding of FrameMaker and of relational databases. Programming and database design skills are not necessary. As a result, clients can publish their databases without putting additional stress on scarce IT resources.

PatternStream training does not include FrameMaker, SQL, or Acrobat training.

FrameMaker Training

FML also provides FrameMaker training services to its customers. FML has been conducting FrameMaker training since 1992. Instruction is conducted by an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) instructor or equivalent. FrameMaker training course offerings include:

• introduction (three days)
• advanced (two days)
• PatternStream directed (three days)
• custom

Training Locations and Costs

PatternStream and FrameMaker classes are typically held either at a customer’s site or at our training location just outside the Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU) in North Carolina.

FML training rate is $1,500 per day per course and does not include course materials, travel, lodging, and other reasonable expenses as applicable. FML does not limit the number of people taking a course, however, we do not recommend exceeding more than eight students at a time.