PatternStream 3 Products

PatternStream 3 is a cadre of software products that provide automated and data-driven information presentation solutions. All PatternStream 3 products:

  • integrate with Adobe FrameMaker and/or InDesign, or directly provide XML and other markup files
  • have identical methods for obtaining and using database and XML information
  • enable projects to be set up, saved, and run as required
  • operate on either desktop computers or servers with Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • with the exception of the PatternStreamXML products, all other products can directly output a variety of file formats including PDF and XML files.

We are here ready to assist you with your automated publishing needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information and a price quote.

Desktop Products  
  PatternStreamXML with Graphing  
  PatternStream 3 for FrameMaker  
  PatternStream 3 for InDesign  
  PatternStream Trio  
Combined Desktop and Server Products    
  PatternStream 3 Premier  
  PatternStream Automated Budget Publisher  
Server Products    
  PatternStream 3 for FrameMaker Server  
  PatternStream 3 for InDesign Server  
  PatternStreamXML Transformation Engine  
  PatternStream SOA/SAS  

Desktop Products

Each of the five PatternStream 3 products provide different functionality to set up, save, and run automated publishing project on desktop computers. PatternStreamXML with Graphing enables users to automatically create XML, other markup files, and data-driven graph files. PatternStream 3 for FrameMaker is the standard PatternStream product that integrates with FrameMaker to publish a wide range of digital information

Combined Desktop and Server Products

The PatternStream 3 Premier and the PatternStream Automated Budget Publisher have licenses to work on both desktop computers and servers.

Server Products

PatternStream works with FrameMaker Server and InDesign Server to automatically and/or programmatically run projects in batch and large production environments..

PatternStream can also be installed on a intranet server with Adobe FrameMaker Server and/or InDesign Server to publish database and flat file information to PDF for intranet distribution. This allows customers looking for information to publish high quality PDF documents based on their needs and desires.

Included Software

An additional software licenses are distributed with each PatternStream 3 license, DataProber™. DataProber is a stand-alone application that enables users to connect to ODBC/SQL compliant databases and OLAP for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services and view data structures, query data, and view and copy result sets.

FrameScript is included with PatternStream for FrameMaker Server implementations. FrameScript integrates with PatternStream and provides the mechanism to perform automated tasks that are not a part of PatternStream and FrameMaker.

Additional Software

FrameScript is available to use with PatternStream for FrameMaker desktop implementations as an option. FrameScript may be purchased from the FrameScript web site.

TransitWriter™ is a derivative PatternStream product that is used by public transit organizations to publish schedules.