Key PatternStream Features

PatternStream has a number of major capabilities that makes it the best database publishing solution:

  • Rapid publishing project prototyping
  • One set of information sources to multiple outputs including print, web, CD
  • Database independent – connects to multiple ODBC and SQL compliant databases for publishing
  • Direct XML import and export capability
  • Flexible formatting capability for tables, images, multi-column text, and pages
  • Proven technology
  • Setup and modifications are performed using a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Allows projects to be efficiently published in-house
  • Integrates directly with Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign
Other features include:
  • Desktop or server implementation
  • Complex table structure creation that includes multiple straddles, shaded cells, embedded graphics, etc.
  • Ability to create tables that format themselves dynamically based on database criteria
  • Easy to generate interactive indices and table of contents
  • Rapid database publishing of documents
  • GUI that eliminates the need to learn a programming, meta, or tagging language
  • GUI control of project setup and publishing
  • Connection to multiple data sources (databases and flat files) simultaneously
  • Ability to obtain data using SQL statements, stored procedures, XML and HTML files, and from flat files
  • FrameMaker, PDF, RTF, Word and other digital file format importation capability
  • Build SQL queries and bind the results and parameters to internal variable objects
  • Ability to define nested queries
  • Marker placement in data strings for automated hyperlinking, indexing, or cross referencing
  • Placement of objects within the page based on conditions assigned at the database level
  • Import and dynamically scale graphics to fit cells or scale cells to fit images
  • Ability to define complex heading and footing behavior when tables break from within the database
  • Direct interface with FrameMaker and InDesign templates for formatting control
  • Template selection dynamically from database criteria
  • Background page selection based on database criteria
  • Output to multiple flows within a FrameMaker and InDesign document page
PatternStream also takes advantage of FrameMaker’s and InDesign’s superior capabilities which include:
  • Short and long document publishing
  • Multiple output filters and converters (PostScript, PDF, HTML, XML, and word processing applications)
  • Multiple input filters and converters
  • Information cross-referencing and hyperlinking
  • Creates hyperlinks that work in PDF and HTML
  • Automatic table of contents and indices
  • Special character insertion
  • Multiple master pages
  • Book functions

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