Customer Solutions

Since its public introduction September 1, 1998, the PatternStream application has provided database publishing solutions to a variety of customers. Several database publishing projects started in 1998 and all have published products in 1999 – 2009 beginning in January, 1999.

Partial Customer List

PatternStream customer base includes:

Each case presents an interesting view of the emerging desktop database publishing market for products for print and electronic distribution. Multiple types of databases are used to publish print and electronic output for a variety of products by the customers.

All of the customers have justified the PatternStream database publishing purchase and implementation based on return on investment (ROI). In all the cases before purchase, the customers were searching for a database publishing solution that would satisfy their ROI requirements and provide:

  • Rapid database publishing project setup, prototyping, and completion
  • Rapid changes
  • Single source application – multiple output formats with one application
  • Network publishing – use network information sources and publish back to network as desired
  • Development of derivative products
  • In-house use without outside assistance – as desired

They were not looking for a solution to work with a particular desktop publishing application but a complete, productized, easy-to-use desktop database publishing solution. They found their solution with the PatternStream desktop database publishing package.

Please take a look at the solutions including sample published documents:

  • Catalogs
  • Directories
  • Manuals
  • Reference books
  • Reports