An Introduction to PatternStream

PatternStream allows users to rapidly setup, test, modify, run, and save automated publishing projects. Information can be acquired directly from any standard relational databases, XML and HTML files, and other files including:
  • Spreadsheets
  • PDF
  • Word processing files
  • XML (and derivatives)
  • Desktop publishing applications
  • HTML
  • A wide variety of image formats
  • CSV and text
Setup is accomplished using a graphical user interface (GUI) without the need to learn a programming language or meta-language. PatternStream works as a stand alone application to create XML and HTML or as a plug-in application to Adobe® InDesign® and Adobe FrameMaker® either in the desktop or server production environments.
All of your information can be automatically imported and placed where needed in the final document – along with and inner dispersed amongst the database information.
PatternStream generates Adobe® InDesign®, FrameMaker®, PostScript®, and Acrobat (PDF) files as output for electronic distribution and print. Additionally, PatternStream can be used online generating PDF, XML, and HTML files for web distribution. PatternStream can also directly generate Microsoft Excel files to enable information distribution in spreadsheet form and mark-up files (e.g., HTML, XML, etc.).

Why PatternStream?

For two years a Fortune 500 Company tried to automate the publishing of their documents using competing applications – to no avail. Their experience was slow, arduous and laden with compromise. By deploying PatternStream, and of the 100 publications mandated for 2006, 36 were placed in production in less than 6 weeks!
Why is this important? Due to their first two application choices, they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars needlessly, lost opportunities to satisfy their customers, and suffered near project failure. Employing PatternStream, their deadlines are now ahead of schedule, at a fraction of the cost, and with no compromises. Needless to say, they are ecstatic and simply amazed at the productivity they’ve enjoyed using PatternStream.

Challenge us…

To date we have not encountered a print format that cannot be published from a database using PatternStream and InDesign or FrameMaker. From the simplest directories to the most complex catalogs and from the smallest two page report to the longest reference book, our systems can efficiently and cost effectively publish them all!
That’s in addition to PatternStream’s digital file format output capabilities which include PDF, HTML, XML, and XLS (Excel) – and can be created concurrently with print output.
But don’t believe us, here’s what some of our customers say about their PatternStream experiences:
“FML helped us with setup, and provided a solution that allowed us to focus on the content of our documents rather than the mechanics of publishing.  Now, our personnel can update and publish budgets with minimal setup and without any additional programming. We can easily convert the published documents to PDF for distribution to citizens and employees, too.”
— Leslie Crowell
Budget Manager, Office of Budget and Analysis
County of Santa Clara, California
“Time savings and cost savings, etc.? Time and cost for me to produce a catalog using PatternStream versus the previous method isn’t an issue of time and money. Before, I couldn’t do the job; with PatternStream, I get the job done. It’s no catalog versus catalog, no tool versus good tool, mow your grass with your teeth versus mow with a 6HP John Deere.”
— Chuck Tyler
Systems Specialist
Hydraulic Supply Company
“PatternStream is much less labor intensive than our previous method. We are planning to move the production of all of database publications to PatternStream because of the speed it provides.”
— Bonnie Tetzlaff
Database Publishing Specialist
Krause Publications, Inc.