PatternStream for Transit Publishing

Transit organizations have a need to provide precise and current schedule information for their customers and potential customers. PatternStream and associated application TransitWriter™ provides the means to rapidly and efficiently satisfy this need. Both are used to publish transit schedules for print and electronic distribution including:

  • Interactive PDF files for web, mobile, and other electronic distribution
  • Interactive XML and HTML files for web, mobile, and other electronic distribution
  • Kiosk schedules
  • PDF files for print distribution
  • Printed schedule books
  • Single page schedules and flyers

Printed and electronic files can be created from databases, Giro HASTUS public time table (PTT) files, HTML and XML files, and other information sources. All electronic forms of the information can be created so that they are accessible to those in need and compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Section 508 requirements.

PatternStream and TransitWriter are applied to provide different solutions to the transit schedule publishing market place. PatternStream and TransitWriter customers include:

  • Duluth Transit Authority
  • Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
  • Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA)
  • PACE (Chicago suburbs)
  • Port Authority of Allegheny County
  • Valley Metro (City of Phoenix Transit)

PatternStream and TransitWriter provides numerous benefits to other methods used create transit information.

PatternStream and TransitWriter license sales, implementation, and other services for transit agencies are primarily provided through FML value added resellers Beige Technologies and Change Control Group. For additional information, also refer to Beige Technologies site.