PatternStream Support

In addition to our continued enhancement of the PatternStream applications, we also provide PatternStream services and support to ensure that you have successful projects
  • Consulting
  • PatternStream Application Maintenance
  • Project Setup
  • Publishing Project Support
  • Publishing Services
  • System Implementation
  • Training
FML consulting, PatternStream software maintenance, and training are discussed on the pages linked to above.

Project Setup

Setting up a PatternStream database publishing project for the first time can be a daunting task. Having to potentially learn two new applications, a different method of looking at information, and a database structure and queries – and the pressure of getting a project up and publishing may overwhelm resources.

FML provides PatternStream database publishing project set up services to customers. This enables the rapid implementation of an initial project – or a set of publishing products. If you have an existing database and a design or existing document, FML will provide complete setup of PSET files and FrameMaker templates and file-to-file, file-to-print and electronic distribution formats (PDF, HTML, etc.).

Because PatternStream is a database/automated publishing system tool, it requires setup to enable the publishing of a specific instance. To accomplish this initial implementation, the PatternStream interface is used to create and save a PSET file which holds a project’s publishing attributes. Because hierarchical automated publishing and using the PatternStream interface are not readily understood concepts, most private sector customers have found it advantageous to use FML to provide setup services to dramatically shorten implementation times. A completed PSET file provides a customer with a basis to learn the PatternStream interface without having to potentially work through an involved discovery process.

The key to any PatternStream setup is understanding the information sources and the desired output. Typically FML works in a collaborative manner to learn data structures and replicates and/or provides suggestions to enhance the output format.

FML developed PatternStream and has successfully implemented PatternStream projects since 1998. FML can successfully provide services that will enable projects to be completed up to an order of magnitude faster than by in-house personnel or other resources. Because FML is the PatternStream developer and has been working with customers since 1997, FML has the experience and knowledge to support the most difficult projects – or rapid set up. This is because of FML’s unsurpassed expertise in document publishing, budgets, and data acquisition techniques.

Publishing Project Support

Once a publishing project has been developed and implemented with PatternStream, it can be saved and reused. However if information source or output requirement changes are necessary, FML is prepared to support any publishing need. FML can provide support during critical operational and publishing periods in 7/24 support.

Once a PSET file is set up, PatternStream can be used at anytime to publish a desired output. If changes/enhancements are desired to the output instance, they can easily be made using the PatternStream interface. This can be accomplished by the customer, FML, or other third parties.

FML provides services to support database/automated publishing for customers from setup, to changes, complete re-works of existing material, or new document creation. If permitted, we typically maintain a redundant setup so that we can remotely understand and resolve problems or make changes/enhancements. FML also uses Webex, as customer policy permits, to observe and cost effectively change customer workstations’ PatternStream configurations remotely.

FML is known for its dedication and around the clock support of PatternStream setup and publishing projects. From our experience and as part of our nature, we understand that most types of documents have publishing deadlines that shall be met. We are proud to say that we have always supported and never missed a budget publishing deadline.

Although we exclude project support in the text of our annual software maintenance, FML has never rejected a call or request for project assistance. We make it a practice to support all customers with their varied needs. This may include being available to answer phone and email requests over extended hours or for onsite, 24 hour a day coverage. Naturally the nature of the project support dictates the type of coverage and cost.

It is FML’s stated goal to provide full continuing publishing support to all PatternStream customers. PatternStream customers use the application because they have to publish information when required. FML is available at any hour and able to travel to any location, if necessary, to resolve an issue.

Publishing Services

FML provides database publishing services to its customers. If a requirement exists to publish any type of information on a periodic or a periodic basis, FML can satisfy your need.

System Implementation

At a minimum and in addition to PatternStream, a database publishing system must include one or more databases and a front end to the database.
FML provides database publishing system implementation services to its customers including system development for database publishing. Services include database design, user interface construction using tools such as Java, .Net, Powerbuilder, Visual Basic or J Builder, writing customized FrameMaker.FDK client modules, and providing general C or C++ programming or FrameScript scripts for the creation of customized plug-ins to PatternStream.