PatternStream 3 Downloads

PatternStream 3 is currently available in four general types:

  • Demonstration
  • Desktop
  • Desktop and Server
  • Server

The PatternStream desktop, premier, and server licenses require a registration key to allow operation. Contact FML to purchase a license and obtain a key.

Demonstration License

The PatternStream demonstration license provides potential customers with an opportunity to evaluate the product. The demonstration license package includes and installs the PatternStream demonstration license, pattern set template (PSET) files, templates, and databases enabling the execution of sample database publishing projects. The demonstration license is fully functional and will time out after a specified period of time.  If you need a longer demonstration version, please Contact FML.

The PatternStream demonstration license should always be downloaded and installed before installation of the other PatternStream licenses. This allows sample projects to be installed for use with the other license versions.

Desktop License

The PatternStream desktop licenses are available in five versions:

  • PatternStreamXML with Graphing
  • PatternStream 3 for FrameMaker
  • PattternStream 3 for InDesign
  • PatternStream Trio

Premier License

The PatternStream Premier license is the complete database publishing application. This license allows users to rapidly set up, run, and modify database publishing projects.

Server Licenses

The PatternStream server licenses are available in four versions:

  • PatternStream for FrameMaker Server
  • PatternStream for InDesign Server
  • PatternStreamXML Transfomation Engine
  • PatternStream SOA/SAS


The PatternStream license versions can be downloaded from our USA-based http server. If you have any download problems, please let us know. To install the PatternStream demonstration license, FrameMaker (version 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 77.2, 8, 9 or 10), or InDesign (CS2, CS3, or CS4) MUST be installed first.

Click here to download PatternStream Version 3

PatternStream Disc

A PatternStream DVD is also available and can be shipped to you – just contact us and request it. The DVD contains all PatternStream license versions, samples, PatternStream and database publishing information, and information about FrameScript.